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Influencers get asked to share their opinions on goods and services constantly. While my inbox may be flooded with requests on a daily basis I'm quite choosy in who I accept a partnership with. Shopping through these codes and links helps me keep the creative lights on. 

Thank you to my affiliate partnerships for your continued support!

Become a Patron!

The #1 best way to support my work is by joining me on Patreon. By joining you get access to Sara's private Discord community and other perks depending on your chosen tier. Patreon takes far less of a cut than a Twitch Subscription and gives you more bang for your buck each month with the Patreon exclusive podcast A Seat at the Table which directly connects the audience with the cast members of Sara's various TTRPG productions.

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The Dark Modiste

I wear a lot of corsets with my fantasy cosplays and I've gotta say... there is NOTHING as comfortable as a custom made bodice. Keri is a delight to work with and has inclusivity in mind when creating patterns. No matter your size they'll make sure you find YOUR perfect fit!


Misty Mountain Gaming

I greatly appreciate the quality of MMG products and their lifetime warranty on their dice and other gaming accessories means I can roll fancy click-clacks without fear of them cracking, chipping, or breaking.



If you've been listening to my 5e podcast Luck & Chaos then you know Zak's character Arat is using Weird.Works Adventurer Tarot and it's accompanying 5e class already. Personally I was a huge fan of the deck and its versatility in game before we started the campaign. It's still the deck I reach for before any others on my shelf!

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FanRoll Dice

Another favorite of mine for high quality dice at a reasonable price. FanRoll was kind enough to send me their new Pathfinder line and I LOVE THE LITTLE GOBLIN HEAD SO MUCH!!


The 5 Wits Wigs

5 Wits Wigs is a geeky wig company with coplayers and quality in mind. If there's a specific character wig you're looking for they have it. Their high quality wigs are also perfect for bringing that OC or high fantasy LARP character to life!



Elevate your live streams with StreamYard. There's many options out there for creating live broadcasts but I've yet to find one that gives me the same flexibility and quality that StreamYards does. With the service I get individual audio and camera feeds for each participant, a total game changer for someone who spreads their content across multiple audio and video platforms!



VoiceMod has been a go-to for creating NPC voices that sit outside my natural vocal range. As a podcast producer it's become an invaluable tool in creating immersive stories for my players.

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